Entry Requirements

Mark Brierley
Gabe Foster
Jennie Stock


All images must be 100% photographic in origin.

All work must be entirely completed by the entrant, including post-production.

Images must be no more than 5 years old. I.e., produced and shot after 2nd May 2018.

A maximum of 5 prints per person with a maximum of 2 prints per category.

Prints must be a minimum of 25cm on the longest side. Each image must be matted with a white mat only. Mat size must be 40x50cm and can be vertical or horizontal orientation.

Photographer name and category must be written clearly on the back of the matted print in the top left corner.

Entries to be registered and paid on-line. Digital thumbnails of each image are required upon registration in a JPG format not exceeding 1.5MB. Please name your digital files you’re your name (first and last) followed by an underscore and a unique number between 1 and 5. Space characters in compound names are acceptable. For example:

John Brown_1.jpg or Jan van de Bruin_2.jpg

Images submitted to the Salon may be used in advertising for the WA Salon in future years.

No image that has been entered in the WA Photographic Salon in previous years will be accepted.

Category Descriptions

The aim of the 2023 WA Photographic Salon is to showcase a broad representation of photography styles and genres, in a curated exhibition, demonstrating quality, diversity, and creativity in image making from Western Australian residents, whether Professional, Enthusiast, Student or other!

The following category definitions are offered in broad terms to assist entrants with their submissions in the 2023 exhibition which will consist of a final 100 images. The Selection Panel of Jurors will be guided by these outlines, but not restricted to them.

PLACES: Allows for interpretation of outdoors spaces whether literal or abstract. Images may include but not be limited to, Urban, Classic Landscape, Aerial, or Travel.

PEOPLE: Another broadly defined category including, but not limited to, Portrait, Wedding, Corporate, Event, Documentary and Family.

CREATIVE: The Creative Division allows for the opportunity to share images that demonstrate a focus on Innovation or perhaps explore concepts that may be Representative, Impressionistic or even Abstract in nature. 

ANIMAL: A broadly defined category including, but not limited to Pets, Animals, Birds, or Insects.

OPEN: This category allows for all images including those that do not readily fall into the other 5 categories

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: A category that allows an interpretation of representing WA.


$30 for the first print and $10 for each print thereafter up to a maximum of 5 per person. 

Each entry must adhere to the rules and specifications as stated here. Entries that do not comply may be removed from the Salon without notification or refund of entry fee. 

Registration and payment for images will open at 9am on 2nd April and close an 1pm 2nd May. 


We are again hosting a face-to-face event for entrants to receive feedback on their submissions from a mentor. Mentors are local photographers who are experienced in their fields, judges in various award competitions or won major titles, who will be working in small groups, providing critiques and notes for improvements. Feedback on submissions will be held at Perron Place, 61 Kitchener Ave, Victoria Park on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 between 10am and 4pm. If you cannot attend the mentoring session, you can still enter your prints by the due date but this DOES NOT include mentoring.

Bring along the print or digital file on a screen to the mentoring session, receive feedback, then if you so choose, print the amended image and deliver by the delivery date to Fitzgeralds Photo Imaging. There are 2 mentoring sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to be held on 3rd May, please look out for an email specifying which mentoring session you are allocated to. You will be notified in the afternoon of 2nd May. No image that has been entered in the WA Photographic Salon in previous years will be accepted.

Print Collection

All images can be collected from Fitzgeralds from Tuesday 27th June to Tuesday 11th July. If your images are not collected during this time, or a time otherwise preorganised, they will be destroyed or donated. You can email info@waphotographicsalon.com.au if you need to arrange a different time.

Terms and Conditions

If the committee considers that an entry is too late for acceptance or does not meet the definition of the category in which it is entered then the author will be advised of this and offered the opportunity to respond before and decision on rejection is made.

The committee may reject an image submitted for competition, if in the committee’s opinion it is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult or could incur a legal liability for the organisers.
Copyright remains with the entrant, but the entrant agrees that the WA Photographic Salon (WAPS) may have a limited license to use any entered image for Salon’s promotional purposes, either online or in print.

Juror and Committee decisions will be final, and no further correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

All Prizes must be taken as offered.


A COVID contingency plan is in place whereby, should the salon be cancelled, refunds will be made pro rata as to the costs at time of closing and changes to the above may happen at short notice to accommodate State Government mandated requirements for events etc.